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Noise problems

Household appliances

Using noisy household appliances can often be a cause for complaints, so you should:

  • try to purchase a quieter model when looking for new appliances.
  • place your washing machine on an even, concrete floors, don't overload the machine, and run them at a time when they'll least disturb your neighbours. Remember, the final spin is the noisiest bit.
  • try to be considerate when vacuuming - don't do it late at night or early in the morning.
  • if you're putting in a new boiler, remember the legal distances from yours and you're your neighbours windows when siting it. Get a plumber to check any pipes and cistern noises.
  • make sure extractor fans are fitted securely, to ensure they don't rattle. Keep them clean so that they run smoothly.
  • try not to put your fridge or freezer against a party wall. Vibration can pass through the building, structure and also through floors, so if you live in a flat, don't put your fridge above a neighbour's bedroom.

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