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Noise problems

What you can do

We recommend that you contact your neighbour or the business yourself, explaining the noise issue and how it's affecting you, before you contact us. 

Most importantly, ask if they can do something about it. You'll probably find that in most instances they might be completely unaware that they are causing such a problem. This can resolve the issue more quickly.

To help you with this, we have a noise nuisance information pack you can downloa below and a sample letter you can send to either a resident/neighbour or a business, depending on where the alleged noise nuisance is coming from.

Noise nuisance information pack (PDF) [150KB] (opens new window)

Noise nuisance sample letter to a resident (PDF) [44KB] (opens new window)

Noise nuisance sample letter to a business (PDF) [45KB] (opens new window)

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