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Noise problems

Top tips to prevent noise nuisance

We frequently get complaints about noise from loud music or TVs, DIY, barking dogs, car repairs, intruder alarms and sometimes household appliances or musical instrument practice. The best advice is to use common sense and try to be considerate of your neighbours.

  • Reduce the bass
  • Keep your music or TV volume as low as possible, particularly late at night when people may be trying to sleep
  • Put speakers away from party walls and preferably on rubber mats

When you're at home:

  • Avoid slamming cupboard doors can also be annoying, especially those that are fixed to party walls. You can try using isolating wall plugs when fitting cupboards
  • Try using isolating wall plugs when fitting cupboards
  • Avoid slamming doors, especially if you live in a flat with a shared entrance, and especially late at night and early in the morning