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Noise problems


DIY jobs can create a lot of noise. You can reduce the impact on your neighbours by:

  • avoiding DIY activities late at night and on Sundays - if you're going to cause a great deal of noise for a prolonged period, tell your neighbour in advance.
  • informing them in advance that you're going to carry out some noisy DIY work.
  • carrying out the noisy work during normal working hours.
  • making sure that the noisiest tasks are being carried out during the time period that is likely to cause the least impact your neighbours, if you are not sure when this will be, ask them.
  • if you have to start early, try to do the quieter jobs first - some people work from home, and some people work nights.
  • seeing if there's a quieter tool available - hand tools can sometimes do the job just as well.
  • when buying power tools, always consider a quitter model.
  • make sure your devices are well maintained and using lower/quieter settings wherever possible.

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