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Noise problems


Pets can often be the main cause of noise complaints. It's always best to ensure:

  • if you have a caged bird, make sure you keep it where it's least likely to disturb your neighbours, especially at night.
  • that your dogs are content and comfortable, if they're not, they bark. Make sure your dog s are well-fed and exercised if you have to leave them alone. You might leave a radio on, or ask a neighbour to check on them.  A tired dog barks less. If your dog still barks, you might want to consider dog training, or doggie day-care.
  • if you have a dog which is kept in the yard or garden while you're away from the property you have no idea whether the dog is barking when you're not there. Don't leave it outside for long periods.
  • if your dog is kept inside, keep it away from party walls and away from windows.
  • if your cat goes out fighting and wailing, and a neighbour complains, you could try to make sure you keep it inside at night.

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