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Noise problems


Having a party

Here are a few handy tips if you're planning a party:

  • keep your windows and doors closed when having a party.
  • if you're having an outdoor event, remember that noise will travel and affect people further away.
  • remember that noise is more likely to become a nuisance when people would generally be sleep.
  • a one-off a party will rarely be a legal nuisance; however always try to be reasonable - if you can, let the neighbours know in advance and give an approximate finishing time. Let them know that they can come round to the property if the noise is a problem. Always act to remedy the noise if you receive complaints.

Loud music

Music that's too loud can be annoying for your neighbours, so:

  • keep the volume down, especially the bass frequencies - don't place speakers on or close to party walls, ceilings or floors.
  • if you have a TV in your bedroom, please keep its volume down at night - especially if your bedroom is next to an adjoining property.
  • if you play an instrument, practice when it will least annoy your neighbours - don't use amplifiers, use headphones where possible, and use mutes for wind instruments and pads and brushes on drums.
  • if you want to listen or play music at a louder volume, use headphones - just be aware that a prolonged exposure to loud music can damage your hearing.

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