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Victoria Park

Other facilities

  • The modern skate park attracts avid skaters and stunt bike enthusiasts from across the town, and the welcoming atmosphere is ideal for younger children, learners and newcomers.
  • A modern ball court that provides facilities for basketball and 5-a-side football pitch in an enclosed area - ideal for a general kickabout with friends or organised matches.
  • There are two play areas: one enclosed for the younger children and another with much larger equipment for the older and more adventurous.
  • Need to shelter from a passing rain shower? Then the teen shelter is located near to the skate park.
  • The path around the perimeter of the park is approximately one mile long and is very popular with walkers, dog walkers and joggers.
  • Take a stroll around the park and visit the duck pond and surrounding folly that have been there since 1847.
  • A wetland habitat area can be found along the Bishop Road section of the park that is home to a variety of wetland plants.
  • Activities and events take place in the park throughout the year; updates are also on the information boards around the park entrances.
  • The reintroduction of the tennis courts and a new trim trail if you are feeling more energetic.
  • A cycle hub is accessible to all for organised bike rides. There are a number of adapted cycles for the disabled as well.

Map of the park (click to enlarge)