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Victoria Park

A brief history of Victoria Park

Victoria Park archive pic

  • 1849-50: Mansion House was constructed for local solicitor John Ansdell.
  • 1886: Mansion House and surrounding land were acquired by St.Helens Council and re-opened to the public as 'Cowley Hill Park'.
  • 21 June 1887: the park was renamed to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
  • 1892: Mansion House was opened to the public as St Helens' first museum and art gallery.
  • 8 July 1913: King George V and Queen Mary visited St.Helens and passed through Victoria Park, where local schoolchildren lined the way to greet them. Permanent gates and pillars were erected at the widened Windle City entrance and it was renamed 'King's Gate' in honour of the visit.
  • 1939-1945: the park's iron railings were melted down for munitions and replaced with hedges, while large areas of the park were given over to food cultivation and allotments during the war.
  • Post-war era: Victoria Park resumed its recreational functions, hosting school sports, cricket matches, bowling, band concerts, and fabulous floral displays.
  • 1974: the council's parks management division was based in Victoria Park.
  • 1994: Mansion House and walled gardens were sold to Age UK as their regional HQ.
  • Since 2000: the play area has been refurbished and a ball court, skate park and teen play area installed.
  • 2005: Friends of Victoria Park formed and campaigned for the park's restoration.
  • 2009: plans for the restoration started with consultations and plans submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund.
  • 2013: physical works began on site for the park's restoration and overhaul.
  • 2014: restoration work was completed and the park was re-opened by the Mayor on 19 August.