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Find out how you can recycle more

Many people already recycle at home - but do you do all the little things that add up to make a big difference?

Here are some top tips for reducing, re-using and recycling your waste at home:

  • Keep things simple. Create a space next to your kitchen bin for a recycling container. This makes it as easy to recycle, as it is to throw away.
  • Make life easy by using the recycling collection. You can order containers online.
  • Take advantage. If you have a green bin, use it to recycle your garden waste.
  • Clear it out. Recycle your old clothes, shoes, gloves, hats and scarves. You can also take your unwanted items to one of our bring banks or a local charity shop. We have got textile banks around the Borough for you to put your clothes and shoes in, take a look at our textiles page.
  • Get into a routine. Take the items you want to recycle to the supermarket and drop before you shop.
  • Wash 'em and squash 'em. When recycling plastic bottles, cans and tins make sure you wash them out and squash them to save space.
  • Compost at home. You can make your own compost using some of the things you might usually throw away! Use a compost bin for your raw fruit and vegetables, cardboard, grass cuttings, old flowers and much more. When the compost is ready, you can use it in your garden. Get your own compost bin today.
  • Donate it! Don't dump your old furniture - donate to a charity shop or use our bulky rubbish collection service for recycling your unwanted furniture.
  • You can recycle your good quality furniture for re-use by contacting TANGO (Together As Neighbours Giving Out) on 01744 607388. They are a Haydock-based community group providing support and resources for families and the community. They are always in need of large items that can be re-used, such as beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs, suites, cots etc. They also look for donations of working electrical items including washing machines, cookers, freezers, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, kettles etc.
  • Brita water filters can be recycled at the following shops; Tesco, Argos, Sainsbury's and Homebase. Brita bins should be at these stores by the water filter section. Find your nearest store.
  • Re-use takeaway containers. If you get plastic fast food containers, wash them out - they make great lunch boxes or storage boxes.
  • Use old jars to store odds and ends around the house.
  • Stop your junk mail - join up to the mailing preference service to cut your junk mail by 95%. Log onto the mail preference service for more details. You can also re-use your Jiffy bags and envelopes by sticking some paper or a sticker over the address.
  • You can now Repeat the Cycle and take your plastic packing to any local supermarket, soft plastic, plastic bags and wrapping, plastic films, flexible plastics, what ever you would like to call them! To find your nearest supermarket location that is taking part you just put your postcode in and you can choose where to take them!

Shop sensibly

For ideas, go to Love Food, Hate Waste.

  • Make a list so you only buy what you need.
  • Choose a bag-for-life instead of using a plastic carrier bag.
  • Buy refills - many cleaning products come in refills.
  • Try re-usable alternatives to throw away products, such as razors.
  • Avoid convenience foods with too much packaging.
  • Buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packed.