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Order a bin, box or bags

People living in St Helens Borough can order bins, recycling bags, boxes and food caddies or request repairs or pick-ups of damaged or unwanted bins.

Recycling containers are free of charge; however, please note there is a charge of £28 for new or replacement brown or green bins.

Each household/property is only entitled to one brown bin as per policy.

Garden waste service

Green bins can be purchased. You will need to subscribe to the service for the bin to be emptied - the cost of the service is £39 per bin for collections between Monday 28 February 2022 and Friday 2 December 2023. 

Subscribe to the Garden Waste Service

Brown bins

While waiting for a delivery of a brown bin, please ensure any rubbish is securely tied in a bin bag with a label attached to say you are awaiting delivery of your bin.

Did you know... we spend over £25,000 every year on replacing brown bins that have gone missing or have been burnt. Taking your bin back to your property as soon as possible after collection can help prevent it from being stolen or vandalised.

Food caddy bags

To obtain replacement food caddy bags, please tie a food bag to the handle of the kerbside caddy before putting it out for collection and the crew will leave a roll of bags.

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