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Fly-tipping, or illegal dumping of waste, is an unsightly blight on our local community that causes harm to the environment and can be costly to clear away.

What to do to make sure you don’t break the law when: 

You pay someone to dispose of your waste

It applies to everyone involved in handling the waste from the person who produces it to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it. You can easily check if someone has a waste carrier's licence online.

Disposing of waste yourself

There are several ways to responsibly dispose of household waste yourself, including:

Illegal methods of waste disposal:

Some people aren’t aware that the following actions are NOT acceptable ways to dispose of waste. These actions are anti-social, damaging to our environment and against the law:

  • Used social media to find someone to remove her waste for her - Read Kate's story
  • Left his fridge on the footpath outside his house hoping that the Scrap Metal van would collect it – Read Paul's story
  • Dumped bags of rubbish she wanted to get rid of, in the alleyway at the back of her house - Read Mo's story

Report a fly-tipper

Have you seen a fly-tip or someone fly-tipping in St Helens Borough? 

Dumping waste anywhere, such as in a field, an alleyway, a street corner or a lay by is against the law – just ask David! 

Please let us know about fly-tipping here or by calling 01744 676789. Sending us information and evidence helps us to find and prosecute those responsible.