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Information for funeral directors, stone masons and visitors

Below you will find copies of day-to-day documents that funeral directors will find useful for burials and cremations at St Helens and Newton-le-Willows Cemetery and St Helens Crematorium.

Cremation forms

St Helens Crematorium Instruction for cremation (PDF) [445KB]

Cremation form 1 - Application for cremation of the body of a person who has died (PDF) [237KB]

Cremation form 3 - Application for cremation of stillborn baby (PDF) [227KB]

Cremation form 4 - Medical Certificate (PDF) [161KB]

Webcasting consent form (PDF) [96KB]

Change of instruction form - New Authority (PDF) [56KB]

Choices after cremation booklet (PDF) [4MB]

Recycling Metals Application Form (PDF) [154KB]

Burial forms 

St Helens and Newton Notice of Interment (PDF) [733KB]

Use of St Helens Crematorium Chapel before burial form (PDF) [246KB]

Grave purchase forms 

Extended Garden form (PDF) [55KB]

Burial grave purchase form (PDF) [72KB]

Children's grave purchase form (PDF) [124KB]

Cremation Plot Purchase form - Newton-le-Willows Section 25 & 26 (PDF) [85KB]

Cremation Plot Purchase Form - St Helens (PDF) [135KB]

Grave ownership booklet (PDF) [6MB]

Rules and regulations

St Helens Borough Council Cemetery and Cremation Management Rules (PDF) [849KB] (opens new window)

Memorial mason rules and regulations (PDF) [360KB] (opens new window)

Stone Masons information

Memorial mason permit (PDF) [64KB] (opens new window)

Stone mason scheme agreement form (PDF) [39KB] (opens new window)

National Association of Memorial Masons 

British Register of Accredited Memorial Masons