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Transport development management

We review the transport implications of planning enquiries and applications within our borough. 

We give advice on the transport implications of pre-planning and planning applications, including the preparation of transport assessments and travel plans, and look to secure transport improvements where required to mitigate new development.

When assessing applications, we will look to make sure that:

  • New developments comply with adopted planning policy, including the 'Ensuring a Choice of Travel SPD' below.
  • New developments prioritise walking, cycling and public transport and reflect national best practice.
  • The movement of people from new developments can be safely accommodated on new and existing networks.
  • Acceptable parking and servicing arrangements are catered for.
  • The cumulative impacts on other developments are properly considered.

Developers are advised to enter into early discussions via our Planning service for any proposal likely to affect the public highway; please use the 'get advice before you apply' link below. Notwithstanding any subsequent planning consent, developers should be aware that it is an offence to carry out works affecting the public highway without permission of the highway authority.

This consent can be secured in the form of an appropriate agreement with the council under the Highways Act 1980. Please use the 'Highways agreements' link below to apply.

Developers should also be aware of the following required notice periods and take these into account when preparing construction programmes:

  • Works on the highway of 10 or more days' duration - 3 months' notice.
  • Works on the highway of less than 10 days' duration - 3 days' notice.
  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (road closures etc) - 6 weeks' notice.