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What happens in an emergency?

In an emergency situation, just press the RED alarm button on the Lifeline emergency unit or on your pendant, which can be activated from anywhere in your home or garden (within 20 metres of the base unit).

Once pressed, or one of your sensors is activated (bed/chair sensor, smoke detector etc), a call will go through to the Careline control centre. This may take around 20-30 seconds to connect. When you hear the officer speaking to you from the Careline base unit you should:

  • Explain your problem to the Careline officer, who will then take the most appropriate form of action to assist you.
  • If the officer is unable to get a reply from you, they will assume you are in difficulty and will try to contact you by telephone in case you have accidentally set off the alarm.
  • If they are unable to speak to you in this way,  they will visit your home to assess the situation. 
  • If at any point you advise us that you are unwell or injured due to a fall, we will contact the emergency services and your family.
  • If you have fallen and are uninjured, we will attend to assist you. The Careline vehicle has specialised lifting equipment and every officer has had the appropriate training.

If Careline or the emergency services need to visit you, we will be able to use the keysafe outside your property to get in to assist you quickly and efficiently.