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Garden waste service - terms and conditions

  1. The garden waste collection charge is £42.50 per bin for the 2024 subscription period and is payable in advance. 

  2. The subscription period runs from Monday 4 March 2024 until Friday 6 December 2024  irrespective of joining date. There are no concessions and there are no reductions to the price if you purchase part way through the collection schedule. 

  3. Your green bin needs to be presented at your normal collection point by 6.30am on your scheduled collection day with the handles facing the road.

  4. If there are unacceptable materials in the bin it will be deemed to be 'contaminated'. Please note that we will not empty contaminated bins. A non-collection card will be left explaining why. We would ask that you remove the problem items and present your bin on the next scheduled collection day.

  5. Our collection crew reserve the right to not empty bins that are too heavy and therefore unsafe to move. It will be at the collection crew's discretion as to what is deemed to be too heavy.

  6. You must attach the permit sticker under the handles at the back of the bin. This allows quick checking of stickers by the collection crew and ensures the stickers are not damaged by the lifting equipment. The collection crews will not collect any green bins that do not display a permit sticker unless instructed to by a supervisor.   

  7. The council will not remove additional garden waste placed alongside the green bin and reserve the right not to empty bins where the lid is not fully closed.   

  8. The council is not obliged to provide the collection service where collection is prevented due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control, such as severe weather.   

  9. Genuine missed collections are rare; however, if your green bin is not emptied it may be because it contains unacceptable items, it is too heavy for safe handling by the collection team or you have presented it for collection after the crew have already collected the bins on your road. We will not give a refund for missing a collection or being unable to collect a bin.   

  10. If your green bin has not been collected due to a fault of the council, we will use reasonable endeavours to come back as soon as we can to complete the collection. 

  11. You have the right to cancel the collection service and obtain a full refund within 14 days of the date you subscribed. Refunds will not be made under any circumstances after the 14-day period has elapsed. 

  12. If you move house during the period of your subscription you can transfer the subscription to your new address in St Helens. You should contact the council to advise us of your change of address and we can arrange for your collections to continue. You should not take your green bin(s) to your new property when you move.

  13. Refunds cannot be issued if you move out of the St Helens area. Furthermore, a refund will not be issued if you move to a new property and require fewer bins that you have subscribed for at your previous address.   

  14. Subscriptions to the collection service are only transferable between different individuals at the same property and where both people were in residence at the time the subscription was made.   

  15. It may take up to 24 hours for your subscription to appear on the council's electronic record.   

  16. Information provided in our garden waste collection service FAQs forms part of these terms and conditions for the garden waste collection service. 

  17. The information that you provide will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) 2018.

The information you provide will be processed in accordance with the requirements of the Data Protection Legislation 2018 (GDPR). The council takes its responsibilities under the Act very seriously; for further information please see our full privacy notice.

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Last modified on 04 January 2024