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Evidence and monitoring

Plan-making in St Helens is supported and informed by a range of studies and evidence that help determine what the focus of our policies should be. Collectively they form the evidence base for the Local Plan.


The evidence base studies informing the preparation of the Local Plan include:


St Helens Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update January 2019  (PDF) [1MB]

St Helens Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Update July 2017 (PDF) [7MB]

Mid Mersey Strategic Housing Market Assessment January 2016 (PDF) [3MB]

Gypsies and Travellers 

Merseyside and West Lancashire Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Assessment, January 2015 (PDF) [2MB]  (PDF) [2MB] 

Open Space 

St Helens Indoor and Built Sports Facilities Needs Assessment, June 2016  (PDF) [4MB]

St Helens Indoor and Built Sports Facilities Needs Assessment - Golf Course Addendum, June 2016  (PDF) [1MB]

St Helens Open Space Assessment, June 2016 (PDF) [1MB]

St Helens Playing Pitch Strategy Assessment Report, February 2016 (PDF) [2MB]

St Helens Playing Pitch Strategy & Action Plan, July 2016 (PDF) [1MB]


Parkside Strategic Rail Freight Interchange Capacity Study April 2021  (PDF) [3MB]

Parkside Strategic Rail Freight Interchange Report Capability & Capacity Analysis, July 2018 (PDF) [517KB]

Parkside Logistics and Rail Freight Interchange Study, August 2016  (PDF) [3MB]

Parkside Logistics and Rail Freight Interchange Study Addendum - Parkside West Rail Design and Noise and Acoustics Study,  April 2017  (PDF) [1MB]

St Helens Employment Land Needs Study, October 2015  (PDF) [2MB]

St Helens ELNS Addendum Report, January 2019  (PDF) [926KB]


St Helens Town Centre Strategy, September 2017  (PDF) [11MB]

St Helens Retail & Leisure Study, May 2017  (PDF) [1MB]

Flood Risk and Water  

St Helens Council Strategic Flood Risk Assessment September 2014  (PDF) [5MB]

Sankey Catchment Action Plan June 2018 (PDF) [1MB]


To understand how the Local Plan policies are working, the Council continuously monitors the effectiveness of policies. This includes, amongst other indicators, monitoring the number of housing units being completed and the status of undeveloped land in the borough.   

Annual Monitoring Report 

Monitoring Reports assess how Local Plan policies are being implemented and if they are working successfully. The following reports are available to viewed and download below: 

Annual Monitoring Report, 2020  (PDF) [624KB]

Annual Monitoring Report, 2019  (PDF) [569KB]

Annual Monitoring Report, 2018  (PDF) [590KB]

Annual Monitoring Report, 2011 (PDF) [1MB]

Brownfield Register 

Local planning authorities are required by the government to prepare and publish a Brownfield Land Register. The Register is intended to help developers identify suitable sites quickly, speeding up the construction of new homes and maximising the number of new homes built on suitable and available Brownfield sites. Copies of the latest register to be published along with a map can be viewed and downloaded below: 

2022 - Brownfield Land Register (Excel doc) [61KB]

2022 - Brownfield Land - Large Plan  (PDF) [26MB]

2019 - Brownfield Land Register (Excel doc) [29MB]

2019 - Brownfield Land - Large Plan  (PDF) [66MB]

2018 - Brownfield Land Register (Excel doc) [29MB]

2018 - Brownfield Land - Large Plan (PDF) [58MB]

2017 - Brownfield Land Register (Excel doc) [61KB]

2017 - Brownfield Land - Large Plan (PDF) [28MB]

Please contact the planning policy team if paper copies of these documents included on this webpage are required.