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Housing tenancy fraud

Housing tenancy fraud can include:

  • the use of social housing by someone who is not entitled to occupy that home, such as giving false information on an application (e.g. ownership of another property);
  • unlawfully sub-letting the property;
  • unlawfully living in the property (e.g. failing to disclose death of tenant);
  • abuse of the right to buy and right to acquire schemes;
  • misrepresenting circumstances to gain a discount they are not entitled;
  • exercising the right to buy or right to acquire when they are not entitled to.

How to report your suspicions of housing tenancy fraud

You can report your suspicions to the relevant housing association, as we may not have any authority to investigate this type of fraud. 

However, if you are not sure which is the relevant housing authority or how to report it,you can report suspected housing tenancy fraud to us. 

Fraud Hotline - 0800 953 0217

Report online