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Alley gates

I want to log a repair or request a key

The council no longer has funding for new gating schemes. Residents are advised to contact their local councillors to ask if gates might be considered under the Councillor Improvement Fund.

What are alley gates?

They are large black metal gates that were put in to prevent burglaries. They have also been useful in helping to reduce other crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in alleyways.

Alley gates are made to the 'Secured By Design' Gold Standard, which is a UK Police scheme to 'design out' crime.

Alley gates are concreted into the ground and should not be attached to private property. Small pieces of fencing are fitted between the posts and building line to block any gaps. These might be fixed to brickwork with small screws.

There are over 1,200 alley gates in St Helens.

Please don't leave the gates open

You often complain to us about alley gates being left open for no reason. Leaving gates open puts you and your neighbours at risk of crime and ASB. Please work with us to respect neighbours and keep the gates closed at all times. There is nothing the council can do to make people close the gates.

If you are having any problems with crime and anti-social behaviour in your alleyway, you should report it to Merseyside Police or Crime stoppers UK. Incidents of anti-social behaviour can also be reported to the council's Community Safety Team.

Vehicles blocking the alley

Even though the alley has gates on it, it still remains part of the highway and is subject to the same rules as other roads. It is illegal to block the alleyway by parking in it and preventing access to other traffic. If you have this problem please report it to Merseyside Police, who have the power to deal with it.

Using the gates properly

You should open and close the alley gates using your alley gate key. This prevents damage to the lock and reduces noise. When you open the gates, please ensure that the drop bolt is placed into the receiver to keep the gates safely in the open position while you pass through, then close and lock the gates behind you.