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Request yellow lines

Yellow lines are provided where there is a need to restrict parking to help traffic flow and to prevent obstructions on the highway.

Such lines are designed to:

  • Prevent obstructive and dangerous parking
  • Assist in the general flow of traffic
  • Improve road safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve visibility at junctions
  • Improve access for emergency service/refuse vehicles

We receive a considerable number of requests for waiting restrictions throughout the year and each request is assessed to ensure that the above aims can be met.

We prepare a programme of approved sites each year. Sites are grouped together to cut down on the cost of advertising the necessary legal Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs). These TROs can take approximately 12 months to implement due to the required legal statutory process.

There are two types used:

  • Double yellow lines usually to mark lengths of road where there is no waiting at any time
  • Single yellow lines usually indicate a shorter period of restriction such as daytime. Supplementary plates will show the actual times

Loading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb and on the supplementary plates.

The Highway Code gives examples of the lines in normal use.

Our signs, lights and road markings section gives further information.

Request the provision of yellow lines

It is advised that in order to install yellow lines to prohibit vehicles from parking in any location, it is necessary for a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) to be made. This process involves a lengthy legal procedure, including statutory consultations with a number of external agencies, as well as advertising in the local press and on-site. 

A three-week objection period is provided, during which time representations may be made against the proposal by any party who considers themselves adversely affected by it.

In order to make the most efficient use of resources, locations across the borough are grouped together into composite TROs, incorporating proposals at a number of different sites, and these are processed approximately once a year.

When considering whether stretches of new waiting restrictions are appropriate in any particular location, we must assess the impact that would be caused on the surrounding area, and whether the installation of yellow lines would merely displace the parked vehicles further along the road causing subsequent problems elsewhere.

In addition, in residential areas, it is not always appropriate or effective for waiting restrictions to be introduced, as this would be over-restrictive on residents and their visitors, and would be unlikely to be enforced on a regular basis. Any legal process in areas such as this would be met with formal objections from residents directly affected by the restrictions.

For a road to be considered for yellow lines, a request is required in writing.  Please provide a detailed explanation as to the extent of the problems being experienced and days and times that problems occur. You can get in touch with our Contact Centre or write to us at Traffic Section, 4th Floor, Wesley House, Corporation Street, St Helens WA10 1HF.