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If you're leaving hospital

If you are currently in hospital and have nowhere to live when you are fit to leave, you should tell the hospital nursing staff as soon as possible so they will know you don't have anywhere to live when you are ready for discharge.

Alternatively, you can contact Housing Options directly to discuss your circumstances on 01744 675150 or email us at

Once the hospital staff or hospital discharge team become aware that you are homeless or at risk of homelessness within 56 days, they can, with your agreement, refer you to the Housing Options and Advice Services at the council of your choice for housing advice.

The housing options team can assess your situation and explore alternative accommodation options open to you upon discharge, including temporary accommodation provision in some situations. 

We don't always have a duty to provide alternative accommodation but we will always explore your housing options with you. 

If there is a discharge planning meeting planned on the ward to discuss your situation, Housing Options and Advice Services will send a representative to provide advice wherever possible.

If you have a home already but it needs to be adapted to meet your individual needs, the hospital are likely to refer you to the occupational therapists team to discuss your requirements.

Any minor adaptations such as grab rails, walking frames etc may be provided by the hospital team; if more significant adaptations are needed, such as ramps, wet room adaptations etc, then they are likely to refer you to a community-based team to explore these options via Contact Cares. Contact Cares can be reached on 01744 676767.

If you have not already done so and wish to be considered for social housing, you can register an application at