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Budget for council services 2024/25

A balanced budget

A balanced budget

The Financial Challenge

In common with other local authorities, St Helens is facing a shortfall between the amount of money required to run services and the amount of money available. The costs of providing services are increasing due to ongoing inflationary and pay pressures. At the same time, demand for our services continues to grow. Our population is growing, people are generally living longer and the type of services that they need is changing.

The Council recognises these unprecedented increases in costs have also impacted both residents and businesses across St Helens. When considering ways to maximise income generation through fees and charges, the Council acknowledges this must offset against the impact changes would have on your community and local businesses.

Setting a balanced budget for 2024/25

Following the approval of the Medium-Term Financial Strategy 2023-2026, Cabinet has considered reports at meetings on 27 September 2023 and 24 January 2024 which provided updates in support of the modelled medium term budget position. A copy of these reports can be found under the 'Downloads' section below.

The final budget-setting report, the 'Medium Term Financial Strategy 2024-2027 and Revenue & Capital Budget 2024/25', will be presented to Cabinet on 28 February 2024 and to full Council on 6 March 2024.