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Active Travel St Helens

Senior couple smiling while on a cycle ride in the countryside
Active travel is all about making journeys by walking or cycling. The Liverpool City Region Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) sets out an approach to developing a network of high-quality active travel routes across the region. 

St Helens Borough Council is committed to enhancing that regional network through the provision of high-quality local routes so we can all travel more often on foot or by bike, particularly for shorter journeys. We are doing this because:

  • We want to facilitate healthier and happier lifestyles in St Helens
  • We are committed to tackling our climate emergency, with the target of a net zero borough by 2040 
  • We want to maximise opportunities for all of our residents to access local services, employment and education opportunities

We will keep this page updated with our latest plans, and provide opportunities for our local communities to help us shape where we should focus our efforts, and provide feedback on proposals.

Our design teams are working on two routes in the borough:

The routes will include new cycle routes to protect cyclists from other traffic, safe footpaths for pedestrians, reduced speed limits, and safer crossing points at junctions.

Work is also underway to develop a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for the borough. This will build on the Liverpool City Region LCWIP by focusing on how to connect key settlements to local destinations. We intend to consult on early options in autumn 2022, and details will be posted here.