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Antisocial Behaviour

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) has a profound impact on victims and how safe they feel in their neighbourhood.  Anti-social behaviour can involve harm to an individual, to the wider community or to the environment.  It covers a wide variety of incidents, some of which are criminal offences and will be dealt with by police and others which are better dealt with either by the council or other agencies such as Social Landlords. 

Report anti-social behaviour such as 

  • Begging 
  • Drinking alcohol on the streets
  • Motorbike or vehicle nuisance
  • Nuisance, rowdy or inconsiderate neighbours
  • Youth disorder
  • Group gatherings
  • Hoax calls
  • Fireworks or fire setting
  • Hate crime, which includes bullying and abusive behaviour because of someone's race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or a disability.

Some of the anti-social behaviour described above is a criminal offence, such as criminal damage or drug dealing, and this can result in arrest and prosecution and should be reported to the police.

Report a noise complaint such as

  • Loud music from neighbours
  • Shop deliveries at unsocialable hours
  • Entertainment venues
  • Alarms
  • Dog barking
  • Music from shops, pubs and clubs

Report a hate crime

Hate crime is any offence or hostility directed at a person because of who they are, or who someone thinks they are, based on their race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

If you're not sure whether you have experienced an incident of hate, Stop Hate UK offers the following rule of thumb: if you think it is, it is.

Find more information about reporting hate crime on our People and Communities pages

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Last modified on 02 November 2022