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If your event is approved

If your event is approved, we will request more information from you. Here is a list of the things we are likely to ask you for so you can prepare in advance (Please note that this list is not exhaustive and there will be different requirements for different events).

  • An Event Management Plan - this is how you intend to operate the event and those involved in its delivery.
  • Traffic Management Plan - if the event requires road closures or car parking.
  • A copy of their ADIPS document - if a third party is providing any fairground rides for your event.
  • A copy of their PIPA document - if a third party is providing any inflatables for your event.
  • Event licences 
  • Your medical plan for the event.
  • A Crowd Management Plan - your security and stewarding plan for the event.
  • An Alcohol Management Plan - if your event has bars or sales of alcohol.
  • A Noise Management Plan - if your event has, for example, music or stages.
  • A list of details of any on site traders you have including their business name, address, contact details and if they are food related, their host residence authority.
  • Specific Public Liability Insurance and Risk Assessment for any high risk attractions.

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