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Yellow Lining/Parking Restrictions

Yellow lines are provided where there is a need to restrict parking to help traffic flow and to prevent obstructions on the highway. The Council's Traffic, UTC and Road Safety Section carries out programmes of work to introduce yellow lines. Such lines are installed to:

  • Prevent obstructive and dangerous parking
  • Assist in the general flow of traffic
  • Improve road safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve visibility at junctions
  • Improve access for emergency service/refuse vehicles

The Council receives a considerable number of requests for waiting restrictions throughout the year and each request is assessed to ensure that the aims, as detailed above can be met.

Typically the Traffic, UTC and Road Safety Section prepares two or three schedules of approved sites a year. The sites are grouped together to reduce the cost of advertising the necessary legal Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's). These TRO's can take a number of months to implement because of the required legal statutory process, including an objection period.

There are only two types used:

  • double yellow lines usually to mark lengths of road where there is no waiting at any time. Supplementary plates are not required.
  • single yellow lines usually indicate a shorter period of restriction such as daytime. Supplementary plates are required to show the actual times.
Loading restrictions are shown by yellow markings on the kerb and on the supplementary plates.
The Highway Code gives examples of the lines in normal use.

Requesting the Provision of Yellow Lines

For a road to be considered for yellow lines, please e-mail the Contact Centre