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Vehicle Activated Signs/Variable Message Signs

Vehicle Activated Signs (VASs)

You will have seen a number of these interactive signs on some of the main roads in St Helens. They are electronic devices that, when an approaching vehicle is travelling at a speed that exceeds a pre-set value, a LED symbol or message is displayed to warn motorists of a hazard ahead, or that the speed limit is being exceeded.

There are over 80 of these interactive signs and they are proving to be effective in reducing vehicle speeds, thus becoming popular with residents in the area and with other road users, such as pedestrians, whether young or elderly.

These VASs are seen as a viable alternative to the traditional traffic calming measures, such as road humps, chicanes, speed tables and cushions, which, over the last 15 years, have been introduced on many roads within the Borough.


Variable Message Signs (VMSs)

These are the large black signs sited at specific locations on the strategic highway network serving the Borough, such as on the A580 East Lancashire Road and the A570 St Helens Linkway.

These VMSs are used to convey specific and real times information to passing motorist regarding traffic management and road safety issues ahead, in the form of LED messages.

These messages are also used in minimising the potential congestion generated by special events adjacent to, or incursions on, the highway network, such as Saints matches or roadworks, respectively.