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Road Signs

We are the local Highway Authority and provide traffic signs and road markings in order to display information to the road user.

  • All traffic signs and road markings on the highway must be authorised by us.
  • Special signs are allowed with prior approval of the Department for Transport, or if they are experimental and under trial.

We receive many requests from the public for different traffic signs and road markings to alleviate specific problems on the road network.

Standards of type, wording and size of all traffic signs and road markings, that are placed on the highway, are explained on the Government site.

The Highway Code gives examples of the most common signs and road markings in normal use. Signs fall into certain groups:

  • Regulatory signs - mostly circular
  • Warning signs - mostly triangular
  • Direction signs - mostly rectangular. Destinations and map type
  • Information signs - mostly rectangular
  • Tourist signs - mostly rectangular with a brown background
  • Temporary signs - mostly rectangular with a red or yellow background
  • Road markings - mostly white or yellow in colour to provide guidance to the motorist or indicate the presence of restrictions on the highway

For further information about the provision and maintenance of these please email the Contact Centre or telephone on 01744 676789.