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H Marking/Access Protection Marking

Access protection markings (H Markings) are used to highlight to motorists, who are unfamiliar with the area that an access exists at the location of the marking.

The marking itself is not legally enforceable; as the offence being committed is the obstruction of an access point, which can be enforced without the marking. The introduction of a marking requires certain criteria to be met and a fee paid if the marking is for the benefit of an individual only. The general criteria states that the access must be close to school, civic amenities (eg, leisure centre, playing fields, doctors etc) and therefore the motorists may not be aware of the access/drive.

If the location does not fit the criteria, it is worth noting that it is likely that the offenders would be residents or their visitors, therefore the marking would not achieve the desirable effect. If this is the case, you may have to contact Merseyside Police for their further assistance. St Helens Council charge £110 for the provision of a ‘H’ marking to cover the cost of the processing, provision and maintenance of the marking.

Should you wish to proceed with your request for a ‘H’ marking, please e-mail the Contact Centre or telephone on 01744 676398.