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Diversion Routes

The Council is responsible for providing temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO's) to allow roads to be closed or to restrict traffic movement in order to permit temporary road works or to manage events on the Public Highway such as crane operations or street parties.

Depending on the type of request a site meeting is usually required with the applicant, a representative of the Council and Merseyside Police. Bus operator input may also be required if a bus route is involved.

There is a cost for providing a road closure. The Council requires a minimum notice of between six to eight weeks before the works or event are due to commence, to carry out the required legal procedures.

If a closure is required, a diversion route may need to be signed to assist traffic to find a suitable way around the closure and to minimise potential disruption on the Highway network. The cost of erecting, maintaining and removing diversion route signing is usually the responsibility of the Contractor/Company organising the works. In all cases the diversion must be agreed in advance with the Council.

For an informal discussion on whether your proposals require a TRO, please contact the Traffic, UTC and Road Safety Section within the Engineering Division on 01744 676404. They will then be able to supply the appropriate forms depending on your requirements.