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Children on Holiday Signs

Children on Holiday signs are temporarily erected to cover the School summer holiday period, informing drivers that children may be playing in the area whilst not in school. The sites selected are primarily main residential estate spine roads, which give access to a wider residential area. The signs are installed to be visible to drivers as they turn into the estate road from a more major road. In this way, a large area can be covered by the use of a limited number of signs.

The Council currently erect Children on Holiday signs in 50 residential areas across the Borough and as there are only a limited number of these signs available for use, an assessment is made of each location for which a request has been received, taking into consideration the location and alignment, traffic speeds and volumes in comparison to other sites in the Borough. For a new request to be approved, the Council may have to remove signs from other, less vulnerable areas, hence the need to carefully assess each request received.

If you would like to request for such a sign to be installed in your area, please email the Contact Centre or telephone on 01744 676789.