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Parking Enforcement in St Helens

Civil Parking Enforcement

St.Helens Council took over the responsibility for managing Civil Parking Enforcement from Merseyside Police on the 12 January 2009, and is committed to ensuring everyone stays safe and benefits from a cleaner, less congested environment.

This has brought St.Helens in line with over 200 other local authorities around the UK. Parking Enforcement now forms part of the Council’s wider transport strategy.

The Council employs a specialist contractor employing Civil Enforcement Officers to ensure compliance with waiting and loading regulations by issuing Penalty Charge Notices to vehicles that are parked in contravention of the parking regulations.

St.Helens Council is committed to improving road safety for everyone who lives, works in or visits the Borough. By effectively managing parking, St.Helens Council aims to;

  • Make sure there are fewer incorrectly parked cars, resulting in fewer accidents and better traffic flow
  • Create cleaner roads and pavements, making it safer for all road-users.
  • Reduce congestion and improve the general environment.
  • Promote greater use of public transport, walking and cycling.
  • Ensure that emergency services will be able to move across the Borough more easily.
  • Free up police time, allowing them to concentrate on other priorities such as crime and anti-social behaviour.

Think Before You Park

Please think before you park. Remember, verges and pavements are part of the public highway and are covered by any yellow lines on the road next to them.

Parking on a pavement or verge in order to avoid parking on yellow lines is still a contravention. Always remember to check the signs and road markings before you park.

Receiving a Penalty Charge Notice

Don’t ignore it; the amount payable may increase if you do not pay or challenge the ticket promptly.
Under no circumstances should you pay the Civil Enforcement Officer.
Details of how to pay are on the back of the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) or find out more information about Penalty Charge Notices.