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Street lighting

Report a street light fault using our online form or by telephoning our Contact Centre on 01744 676789.

Street lighting is fundamental in assisting traffic safety and ease of passage for all users.

It also has a wider social role, with a potential of helping to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

Rising energy costs as well as the need to reduce carbon emissions means that energy savings must be made wherever possible.

The Invest to Save programme is principally aimed at achieving significant street lighting energy reductions as well as improving the quality of light provided.

The intention is to initially target high energy intensive street lights on both residential roads and traffic routes.


LED Lighting consumes significantly less energy than traditional discharge lighting, and requires much less maintenance over the increased lifespan of the light source.

To date, 2,900 street lights have been replaced as part of the Invest to Save Programme, achieving energy savings of approximately 70%.

As night inspections of street lights are no longer carried out, please bring any street lighting faults to our attention, as soon as you can.