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Pothole action fund specific grant

Annual Progress Report – Additional Highways Maintenance Funding

Statement of Spend as at 31 March 2017

The following statement is made in compliance with the grant conditions for the additional highway maintenance funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) and outlines how and where the funding was spent in complementing St.Helens' annual planned highway maintenance expenditure.

This additional grant funding received from the DfT for highway maintenance works during 2016/17 was £143,000. 

St.Helens MBC is appreciative of this grant and it enabled us to make a significant impact in repairing the highway network. 

The additional DfT funding complements St Helens MBC's own funding and, in accordance with HMEP (Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme) good practice, a comprehensive micro-asphalt programme was undertaken throughout the borough to seal numerous roads, helping to restore its surface integrity and prolong its life.

The overall length of resurfacing with micro-asphalt was 18.5 km over 104 sites and the additional funding contributed towards 3.8 km of that overall length or an additional 20%.

The level of funding for planned maintenance in St Helens for 2016/17 was £2 million and is used on structural, surface and preventative road maintenance schemes and treatment processes. The additional DfT funding complements St Helens' own funding and it supports a robust process of patching and surface treatments at a borough-wide level.


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