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Key Route Network Roadworks Bulletin

Welcome to St Helens Council Roadworks Bulletin. This bulletin will list roadworks that are taking place on the key route network within

St Helens to assist with journey planning.

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United Utilities

Outside Place House

New water connection

Two-way signals 

16/09/2021 - 17/08/2021

Works reference - HZ090540000444688-0020-1

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United Utilities 

Outside House Heath Farm 

Works to piece up new connections

Temporary two-way signals

13/09/2021 - 23/09/2021

Works reference - HZ75380022899-01

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Cadent Gas

Seascale Avenue to 455 

Gas Mains Replacement

Temporary two-way traffic signals 

15/11/2021 - 03/12/2021

Works reference - AZ5031001087014

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Cadent Gas

Junction with Grange Drive

Gas Mains Replacement

Temporary multi-way traffic signals 

27/09/2021 - 11/10/2021

Works reference - AZ5031001075542

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United Utilities

Outside 153

New Water Connection

Temporary Multi-way Signals

25/09/2021 - 26/08/2021

Works reference - HZ090540000453762-0020

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St Helens Council - Highway Maintenance

School Lane to Bridge Road

Footway and Cycleway Improvements 

Two-way temporary traffic signals

04/05/2021 - 30/09/2021

Works Reference - LT002S000000003691

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ITS Technology Group

Knowsley Boundary to Windle Island

Fibre Roll Out 

Lane Closure

06/09/2021 - 07/11/2021

Works reference - A600882656469

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St Helens Council - Growth & Projects 01744 676 789

Sherdley Roundabout (McDonalds)

Major Junction Improvement 

Lane Closures

17/02/2020 - 30/09/2020

Works Reference - HD-S000000000699

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BT: 0800 800 150

Cadent Gas: 0345 835 111

Highways England: 0300 123 5000

Scottish Power Energy Networks: 0800 001 5400

United Utilities: 0345 672 3723

Virgin Media: 0845 454 1111