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Highway Asset Management

In 2014, the Department for Transport (DfT) undertook a review of the resilience of the UK transport network to extreme weather events and a number of recommendations were made.

The key short-term recommendation for the local highway network was:

"It is recommended that Local Highway Authorities identify a 'resilient network' to which they will give priority, in order to maintain economic activity and access to key services during extreme weather. Where Authorities have held formal reviews of the winter’s events, they should ensure that these are enacted; Authorities which were not affected should nevertheless continue to prepare themselves for future extreme weather."

This recommendation aligns with our wider strategies, including the winter service plan and local flood risk management strategy.

The development of our resilient network directly supports the Combined Authority transport goal for a local resilient economy.

The Resilient Route Network (RRN) Plan has a close relationship to our Minimum Winter Network, developed as recommended by the Well Maintained Highway Infrastructure Code of Practice, which has been our defined resilient route network.

This review of our RRN is in line with DfT requirements and will not affect the Council’s current priority gritting routes.