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Investigations and Reports

We will, on becoming aware of a flood in the St Helens area, carry out a Post Incident Review to determine the consequences of the flooding incident.

The Post Incident Review will determine the likely cause of the flooding and its effects. If a flood event is deemed to have had a significant consequence, then a Formal Investigation of the flooding incident will be undertaken.

A flood event with significant consequences is one that has had, one or more of the following impacts:

  • Resulted in major disruption to the flow of traffic;
  • Posed, or could have posed, a risk to human health;
  • Adversely affected the functioning of critical infrastructure;
  • Caused harmful impacts to environmentally and socially important assets;
  • Caused internal flooding to a residential or commercial property.

Timescales are subject to the scale of incidents being investigated. Internal flooding does not include the flooding of gardens and garages; only properties where internal flooding is above threshold level.

We do not have a duty to protect homes from surface water flooding but have powers to pursue works, if deemed appropriate and feasible to do so. A list of all published investigations will be made available.

Recorded incidents from 2011 onwards.