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Flood and Water Management

From the flooding incidents 2007, new legislation called the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 was developed to combat the growing risk of flooding in the UK.

This sets out a number of new duties to Local Authorities and updates existing legislation:

Below is a list of duties for the Council;

As a LLFA we are required by the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 and Flood Risk Regulations 2009 to produce a Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA), which highlights areas of potentially significant flood risk.  The assessment provides a high level summary of significant flood risk, based on historic information and regional data.  Under European legislation (EU Directive 2001/42/EC) the Local Flood Risk Management Strategy is subject to a Strategic Environmental Assessment, which assesses the sustainability of the strategy and identifies any potentially significant environmental effects that may result from its implementation.

Flood Risk from the following sources have been considered for the assessment:

  • Surface water
  • Groundwater
  • Ordinary Watercourses (Fluvial)
  • Canals

The Latest PFRA 2017 has been approved by the EA and is now available to download:

For our statutory responsibilities as a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA), we have developed a Lead Local Flood Risk Management Strategy (LLFRMS) to understand and manage flood risk within the Borough. 

This strategy formalises and develops our partnerships in respect of flood risk and progresses the high level screening which was introduced in the Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA), a requirement of the Flood Risk Regulations 2009. 

As the LLFA, this document will clearly set out our links within the key risk management authorities that are responsible for managing aspects of flooding. It shows the LLFA’s role in managing risk locally and in the development and maintenance of a holistic local flood risk strategy. The strategy has now been approved by St Helens Council.

See the following Flood Strategy documents:

National Planning Policy Guidance requires an assessment of flood risk to be carried out to an appropriate degree at all levels of the planning process.

Our level 1 SFRA was published in 2009 and is the second tier in a hierarchy of flood risk documents. additonal information and the Level 1 SFRA can be found on the following page:

In response to the flooding incidents in the Borough in 2012, the Environment and Safer Communities Scrutiny Panel wanted to have a look at the our flood risk management and make sure that the risk of flooding in the borough is dealt with as a whole, joining up the work done by the Council, the Environment Agency and United Utilities:

Section 21 of the Lead Local Authorities have a duty to maintain a register of assets:

  • A lead local flood authority must establish and maintain—
  • (a) A register of structures or features which, in the opinion of the authority, are likely to have a significant effect on a flood risk in its area, and
  • (b) a record of information about each of those structures or features, including information about ownership and state of repair.
  • (c) The lead local flood authority must arrange for the register to be available for inspection at all reasonable times.

The Public Asset Register has now been completed

We have introduced a set of Land Drainage Byelaws based on the Defra recommended template.

The purpose of these are to apply detail to the Enforcement and Consenting powers to ensure the basic powers within the Land Drainage Act are strengthened and provide effective flood risk action at the local level. 

Our records are available for public viewing, with an appointment, during normal office hours, if you are

  • A resident
  • A business 
  • Undertaking studies wanting to know the flood risk in an area
  • Enquiring about recorded incidents
  • Viewing the asset register

If you require written confirmation of the information from us, a fee of £75 plus VAT (cheques payable to St. Helens Council) per enquiry is charged for providing the service.

If you wish to request information please contact the Engineering Division or our Council Contact Centre.

With the enactment of the final part of the FWMA 2010 on the 15th April 2015 the Council Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) are designated as Statutory consultee for major developments which have surface water or other local flooding impacts.

New policies and standards for drainage have been released with effect from 6th April 2015 within the National Planning Policy Framework to better prepare for the effects of climate change in the future.

The sustinable drainage section has information in regard to planning applications.