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Vehicle Crossing Application

Kerbs can be lowered outside your property to create a vehicle access to a driveway or garage. This work may be carried out by ourselves or a contractor with the correct accreditation. 

If you wish to have a vehicle crossing completed by a contractor, they will need to apply for a Road Opening Permit and satisfy the council that they are qualified to work on the highway. The current cost of this is £150.

Application process

We can construct dropped kerbs at the request of residents. Planning permission will be required when the property involved has the frontage directly on to a classified road. Please contact our planning department on 01744 676219.

You will need to complete a Vehicle Crossing Application Form and send it to the Highways Maintenance Section at the address shown on the application. A engineer will then check the viability of the proposal, agree the extent of the works required, mark the footpath/kerb-line with white paint and provide you with a written quotation for the construction. 

Typical timescales

  • 2-3 weeks to assess what is required i.e. an initial site visit.
  • 3-4 weeks from initial visit to construction.
  • 4-5 weeks from completion to being invoiced for the works.


A standard crossing (2 tapers and 3 dropped kerbs) is currently priced at £450. Estimates will be provided on a individual basis for anything other than a standard crossing. Prices may also increase where street furniture is needed to be removed or altered i.e. street lighting columns, tree roots and utility apparatus.

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