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Youth Offending Service

The Youth Offending Service is a multi-agency team which exists to tackle youth crime in St Helens.

The Youth Offending Service aims to prevent children and young people committing crime.
We help young people to fulfil their potential, strengthen families and make communities feel safer.

It consists of staff from the Police, Probation Service, Health Service, Education and Social Services. It receives its referrals from Merseyside Police and the St Helens Youth Court.

The service ensures that young offenders' needs are properly assessed and prepares reports accordingly to assist Magistrates in determining appropriate sentences.

The service is also available to offer advice to the general public e.g. regarding young people whose parents may be concerned about them becoming involved in criminal or anti-social behaviour.

Service Availability

Monday to Thursday - 8:45am – 5:15pm
Friday - 8:45am – 5:00pm

  • The swift administration of justice so that every young person accused of breaking the law has the matter dealt with quickly
  • To help young offenders face the consequences of their offending, for themselves and their families, their victims and the community
  • To help them to develop a sense of personal responsibility
  • To work with young people to tackle the particular factors (e.g. personal, family, educational or health) that put them at risk of offending
  • To ensure that the punishment is proportionate to the seriousness and persistence of offending
  • To encourage reparation to victims by young offenders
  • To reinforce the responsibilities of parents, and help them to help their children.


  • The delivery of a range of crime prevention and diversionary activities
  • Working with young offenders who are referred by the police
  • Providing a variety of services to the St Helens Youth Court including writing pre-sentence/reparation reports and the supervision of court orders
  • Restorative justice work as part of the above orders
  • Supervision of young offenders during and after custody
  • Providing appropriate adult services in police stations