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Training resources

General training in Adult Safeguarding

There are 4 levels of Safeguarding Training encompassing various programmes suited to different audiences depending on job role.

Level Title Audience
1 Basic Awareness Suitable for a wide range of employees and volunteers where there is occasional or brief contact with Adults who may have care and support needs.
2 Foundation / Foundation Refresher Suitable for Social Care Support Workers and others with frequent and extensive contact with Adults who have, or may have, care and support needs.
3 Management Training Suitable for those with specific roles and responsibilities within safeguarding procedures.  This includes programmes for Registered Managers and Assistant Managers in Provider Services and programmes for Care Managers.
4 Strategic Suitable for Senior Leaders and Chief Officers across the Safeguarding Partnership.

Full details and booking facilities can be found on the Adult Social Care website

What is and isn’t Safeguarding?

This is a question asked frequently by profesionals and volunteers alike.

To illustrate where and why St.Helens Safeguarding procedures apply, or not, depending on the person and the circumstances, we have created several case studies as reference materials.

These are based on genuine Safeguarding Concerns reported to the Council Contact Centre, and can  be used for Induction, Training, Supervision or Team Briefings to support staff and volunteers to understand what is and isn’t Safeguarding.