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Contact Cares - Brookfield Centre

Brookfield Centre is an intermediate care service that aims to provide a welcoming environment, in which service users can maximise their independence in all aspects of their daily living.

We will engage and encourage service users and their families in the decision-making process regarding their care, health and wellbeing and therapy programmes. This will enable a plan to be designed with the in-reach nurses, social workers and therapists, around daily living skills and mobility practice, to assist in planning for a discharge.

We will provide a period of care and reablement for people who live in St Helens, whose needs can be met through intermediate care services.

The council's transport service for adults is linked to the centre.

We also work in partnership with TORUS in the management of transitional tenancies in St Helens.

Intermediate Care

Sometimes when people are ready to be discharged from hospital, they may not be fit enough to go home straight away. Or some people may have difficulties managing at home due to illness or reduced mobility. They may require a further period of recovery and/or rehabilitation. Brookfield Centre is an Intermediate Care Unit where a person’s needs are assessed and treatment is given in order for them to be discharged home safely. We aim to review your needs within seven days of admission.

Referral and Admission for Intermediate Care

  • All referrals are made through Contact Cares (a single point of access for health and social care referrals).

How is your care managed?

  • Each service user has a care plan, which is drawn up in co-operation with you, and your family, and members of the MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team).
  • Plans are reviewed daily at the board round and discussed in more detail at the MDT meeting each week.

 How long will I be there?

  • This depends on your assessed needs.
  • Once your assessed needs have been met we will plan with you for your discharge.


Brookfield aims to:

  • Provide a pleasant, safe, homely environment.
  • We encourage people to make choices and exercise control.
  • We respect the right to privacy, dignity and for people to exercise their human and legal rights.

The Registered Manager of Brookfield is Sharron Fisher, if you wish to speak to her or a member of her team please contact them on 01744 677735.

Brookfield aims to provide care in a 30 bedded  unit for people who don't need to remain in hospital yet not quite fit to return home, this could be for a variety of reasons. We also accept admissions from Crisis response to prevent unnecessary  hospital admission.

The Integrated Discharge Team at Whiston hospital will assess you and refer you to  Brookfield if they feel that you will benefit from a stay there prior to your discharge home.  We will plan your discharge after your initial assessment.

There are Intermediate Care Support Workers to support you 24 hours a day they service has several different professionals working alongside us  STHK trust who work between 8.00am and 8.30pm.

Your estimated discharge will be assessed on admission and throughout  your stay and your discharge plans discussed with you and your relatives if you choose.

At Brookfield we provide intermediate care to promote independence. The service has several different professionals working in it:

  • Intermediate Care Support Workers
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Nurses
  • Community Psychiatric Nurse
  • Social Workers

These all work with you to help you regain your independence to remain independent.

The aims of the service

  • To prevent inappropriate admissions to hospital
  • To facilitate timely hospital discharge
  • To prevent unnecessary admission to 24 hour care
  • To enable people to remain in their own home environment
  • To prevent the need for long term domiciliary care packages

Transport Services

Transport is provided for people whose needs have been assessed by a social worker. This is to provide assisted travel to council day services.

The service also works with Health & Community Services to assist with timely discharges from hospital, and transfers from people's homes to other community venues.

Transitional Tenancies

There are three flats in one of the Extra Care Housing Schemes in Newton-le-Willows that allow clients to try independent living in a supported environment.

Staff at the Extra Care Housing Schemes, in collaboration with Contact Cares, will work with individuals to support and plan their return home or transfer to longer term care services.

Referrals are taken through the Contact Cares Centre on 01744 676767.