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What to do in an emergency

How to get help quickly

  • Press Your Pendant – You can do this from anywhere in your home or garden as your pendant works approx 200m (656ft) away from the base unit.
  • We Answer – One of our team will answer your activation and will speak to you via the base unit. We will already know who you are, where you live and any other relevant details.
  • Help is on its way – Once your situation has been assessed, we will organise the most appropriate help for you.
  • Reassurance – In times of distress, reassurance is vital in keeping you calm. We will stay on the line to you until help arrives, or the situation is resolved.

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, all you have to do is to press the RED ALARM button on the lifeline emergency unit or on your pendant.  


As soon as you press your pendant or one of your sensors are activated (bed, sensor, smoke detector) a call will go through to the Careline Control Centre. This may take around 30 seconds to connect and you will hear the Officer speaking to you through the Careline unit. Your personal details will already be on the computer at the Control Centre, (i.e. name address etc,) plus any other relevant information given at the time of installation.


You should then explain your problem as clearly as you can in order that the Careline Officer can take the most appropriate form of action to assist you.  Should the Control room staff be unable to get a reply from you, then they will assume that you are in difficulty and will summon help. This may be in the form of a call to the Emergency Service, a relative/ friend or a Careline officer will visit your home to assess the situation.

If you are unlucky enough to fall but are unhurt a Careline Officer will attend to assist you. The Careline vehicle has specialist lifting equipment to help when you fall and every Officer has had the appropriate training. The Careline Officer will be able to use the keysafe outside your property to enter and on completion of their visit  ensure that your property is secure and the key returned to the keysafe.

There are several other items of equipment that are available to monitor and alert Careline to any danger you may be in. As well as this, we can signpost you to other agencies who can offer advice and support that will be appropriate for your circumstance such as The Carers Centre, and our own Customer Services Department.

Careline recommend that you test your Lifeline Unit and Pendant and all other alarms once a month to ensure that everything is working correctly.