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Careline equipment available


Each Lifeline unit is supplied with one pendant. However, there is also a range of sensors that can be connected to the unit to help provide additional monitoring and protection within the home.

Each item of equipment is linked in the same way as the Lifeline unit to the control room and will send a call when the sensor automatically activates on detection of any risk. On receiving this activation, the control room staff will then ascertain what the problem is and take the appropriate action.

The equipment/sensors available include:

  • Falls detectors
  • Smoke/fire alarms
  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • Epilepsy sensors
  • Door contacts
  • Bed and chair sensors
  • Missed medicine alerts
  • Keysafes



When the service is set up, we supply and fit a keysafe in order to ensure quick access to your home should it be required. The keysafes used by Careline are police-approved and without this we may be unable to access your home without calling for the emergency services, which may result in a costly repair charge.

Please call the technology care team on 01744 673294 to discuss the suitability of different options according to your requirements.