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Information for residents who have been advised to shield

The government has recently announced changes to the advice for residents who have been advised to shield because they are extremely clinically vulnerable to COVID-19.

Although the guidance has changed, we will continue to provide updates and information.

You can read the latest government advice on shielding here.

The main changes are:

From 1 August, the current national programme of support for residents who are shielding will be paused. The following information sets out the main changes for residents from this date.

Food delivery – from 1 August, the weekly national food delivery to shielding residents will end. This will mean that residents will need to make arrangements for food delivery via friends, family or neighbours, or to plan how to safely undertake shopping visits.

If you have received priority for a supermarket delivery, this will remain in place. However, for those who have not used this option previously, it is unfortunately too late to register for this.

If you are concerned about how you will access food after this time, you can call 01744 676767.

Medicines delivery – some pharmacies have been delivering prescription medicines to residents who are shielding.

If you are concerned about the collection and delivery of your prescription medication, please phone 01744 676767 for advice. It may also be that a friend, family member or neighbour can help with this.

Practical support – during the initial response to the pandemic, a number of organisations have come together to develop our approach to supporting each other during this difficult time – St Helens Together.

Despite the pausing of the shielding programme, there is still local support available – please contact 01744 676767.

Wellbeing – if you are feeling anxious following the changes to the programme and would like further support, contact the St Helens Wellbeing Service: via their website, www.sthelenswellbeing.org.uk, telephone 01744 371111, or email chcp.sthelens@nhs.net.

Support from your GP – although the shielding programme is being paused, the government has asked GPs and hospital consultants to maintain a list of all those who are shielding.

The reason for this is that if shielding or some aspect of shielding needs to be reintroduced, this can be done quickly. Read more on the St Helens CCG website.

More information – if you have any further questions, concerns or support needs, please call St Helens Contact Cares on 01744 676767.