Language Support Service

If your child or young person has a language difficulty, the Language Support team might work with them and you to offer support and give advice. The team are part of the School Age Disabilities Team (Hearing, Vision and Language Support Services).

The team currently has:

Lead Teacher for School Age Disabilities Team (Hearing, Vision and Language Support Services)

Specialist Teacher for Language

Senior Learning Assistant

The team provides support to children and young people of school age with language difficulties and their families. The support we offer is bespoke to the needs of the child but may include:

· advice and support on listening development, language development (both understanding and speaking), literacy development and social and emotional use of language

· identifying what help they need in order to make progress

· advice for individual planning identifying what your child or young person needs (this also includes information for Education, Health and Care assessments on request)

· advice and support when your child or young person moves from one educational setting to another

The team supports schools and settings too. We can provide:

· advice on helping children with language difficulties to access the curriculum or examinations

· training on general strategies and activities to support Speech and Language in the classroom

· advice on making changes within the school environment so that your child or young person can fully engage in their learning and be an active participant at school (reasonable adjustments)

· training around the specific needs of your child with Language difficulties in their setting or school

Children and young people who have been identified as having a language difficulty in one or more of the following areas: listening, understanding, speaking and social use of language.

We operate in line with the schools (term-time only) so that we are able to effectively support schools and children/young people within their educational settings. As and when deemed appropriate, we also have a limited support offer during school holidays for children and young people referred to the Service.

Your child’s school can refer directly to our team your child/young person following discussions with a range of professionals which may include Specialist Teachers, Educational Psychologists or Speech and Language Therapists within a multi-agency planning meeting. 

If you think that your child would be benefit from a referral into our service, please speak to the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) in your child’s school in the first instance.

Newton Children’s Centre

Patterson St.


WA12 9PZ 

Tel: 01744 673135


The purpose of the Local Offer is to enable parents and young people to see more clearly what services are available for children with special educational needs and disabilities in their area, and how to access them.

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