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Find your Local Councillor

Your Councillor is the person elected every four years to represent your area.

They can help if you are dissatisfied with a Council service by advising or directing you to someone who can help sort out your problem and can sometimes progress the case on your behalf. This is often done in advice surgeries where you can meet with the Councillor for your ward and discuss your problem.

As community leaders they put forward proposals to improve their ward, which may include bringing together different community groups to develop a case for change.

There are 48 councillors representing the wards and constituents of St Helens.

The current political structure is as follows:

  • Labour - 35 seats
  • Liberal Democrats - 4 seats
  • Conservative - 3 seats
  • The Independents - 2 seats
  • Green Party - 2 seats
  • Vacancy - 2 seats

Elected Members of the Council are required by law to complete a declaration of interest form to register their financial interests. 

These include:

  • Details of any employment or business carried out by them
  • The name of their employer
  • Details of any Directorships
  • Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council
  • Interest in land in the area

A full description of financial interests is set out in the Council's Constitution

A Councillors register of Interest can be found by clicking on a individual Councillor from the list of Councillors.  

The register is maintained by the Democratic Services Team and is available for inspection by appointment. 

Please contact the Democratic Services Manager on 01744 673219 or email: joannegriffiths@sthelens.gov.uk.

Every authority is required to adopt a Code of Conduct that sets out rules governing the behaviour of its elected members. The code also covers co-opted and independent members of the local authority, including parish councils.

What you should do if you wish to submit a complaint

If you wish to complain about the conduct of a member of St Helens Borough Council or any parish council in St Helens, please read the Procedure for Dealing with Complaints and submit your complaint in writing to the address below:

Jan Bakewell
Director of Legal & Governance
Corporate Services
St Helens Borough Council

Tel: 01744 673209
Email: monitoringofficer@sthelens.gov.uk