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New and replacement bins - FAQ's

This page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions relating to new and replacement bins, particularly charges for new and replacement bins.

How much do I have to pay for a new or replacement bin?

The charge for all bins is £25.00 inclusive of VAT per bin. 

What does the charge cover?

The charge is for the administration and delivery costs of the bin. It does not cover the sale of the bin to you. Therefore, the bin remains the property of St Helens Council.

How do I order a new bin if mine is lost, damaged or stolen?

You can now order a bin online via our Recycling & Refuse Container Ordering Form.

Alternatively, you can order a new bin by telephoning the Contact Centre on 01744 676789 or by a personal visit to our Contact Centre, Ground Floor, Wesley House, Corporation Street. WA10 1HF.


How can I pay for a bin?

The easiest way to pay is using a debit or credit card by telephone; this is the most efficient method and means that you should receive your bin in the shortest amount of time.

In special circumstances you can request an invoice to allow you to pay by cash or cheque, although this does take longer for a bin to be delivered to you as we need to ensure that payment is received and that any cheque is cleared before a delivery date can be issued. Invoices can be paid pay by cash at the Post Office or a Payzone outlet, or by sending a cheque with the Invoice reference number on the back to the following address:

Income Section, Lincoln House, Corporation Street, St Helens, WA10 1UQ

When do I need to pay for a bin?

You will need to pay the charge in full before we deliver your new bin.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any bin before payment has been received and you will need to dispose of your waste legally in the interim. You can use one of the Household Waste Recycling centres at Burtonhead Road, Town Centre; Tasker Terrace, Rainhill; or Junction Lane, Newton le Willows to dispose of your household waste free of charge.

Unfortunately, we cannot take part payment; a bin can only be delivered once the full payment has been received.

The charge is to cover the administration associated with requests for bins and also delivery of the bin.


No, it is the responsibility of St Helens Council to deliver bins. The charge is for the administration costs associated with requests for bins as well as the delivery. All bins will be delivered to the property or to a nominated neighbour.

We have introduced this charge to encourage residents to take responsibility for the safekeeping of their bins and to reduce demand for new and replacement containers.

We will provide you with an appointment date once payment is confirmed in full; this will normally be no more than 2 weeks after payment is confirmed.

We will deliver it to your home address. Ideally we would like you to be home when we deliver the bin so that you can sign for its receipt. However, we understand that this may not be possible so please indicate if there is a safe place on your property where we can leave your bin or alternatively you can nominate a neighbour where we can deliver the bin. When your bin is delivered we will post a delivery note through your letterbox. If the delivery staff think that they are unable to leave the bin in a safe place, we will put a note through your door to this effect, but will not deliver the bin; you will need to contact the Council to arrange re-delivery.

If you require delivery to any back yard gate or door, please ensure that it is marked with your property number to ensure that we deliver to the correct location.

When we deliver your bin you should mark your property number on your bin. This will help you to know which bin is yours and help prevent it from being stolen. We also advise you to put your bin out for collection first thing in the morning (by 6.30am) rather than the night before and to return it to your property as soon as possible after emptying. If your bin is usually emptied after you have left for the day your neighbours may be able to help with this.

For extra security you may also want to mark the bin with your postcode.

We advise you to wait until after your next collection day before ordering a replacement bin. This is because we know from experience that missing bins often turn-up again the following week. If you are still without your bin after one week you should order a replacement.

If you find your bin before we have delivered a replacement you must call 01744 676789 as soon as possible so that we can cancel your order and offer a refund. If you find your old bin after the replacement has been delivered we will not be able to give you a refund but we will return to collect the replacement bin.

Each household/property is entitled to one brown bin and one green bin (where applicable).

Yes, but only if it meets the EN840 British Standard and it matches the St Helens Council bin sizes and colour scheme i.e. brown 240 litre bin for non-recyclable refuse and green 240 litre bin for compostable garden waste.

No, your waste must be presented in the correct type of bin i.e. brown bin for non-recyclable refuse and green bin for garden waste.

No. In your green bin we will only collect garden waste. If you put household rubbish in your green bin we will not be able to empty it until you have removed the contaminated items.

The bin from your old property belongs to the council for that area and should not be removed from your previous property.

No. Your bins remain the property of St Helens Council at all times. If you move house either somewhere else in the St Helens area or beyond you should leave them where they are.

You will need to order a set of replacement bins and pay the administration and delivery charge for each bin you require. If you have moved to accommodation rented from a private or social landlord you should check your tenancy agreement to see if this states that a bin will be provided.

No. The first bins in a new property are free of charge.

If we have an accident with your bin the crew will report it to a supervisor and a replacement will be delivered the following week. An order will be raised and you will be contacted and given an appointment date. Bins damaged by us will be collected so please leave this out on the same day that your replacement will be delivered, as we will pick it up at the same time as delivering the new one.

You can order a repair online. There is no charge for replacement lids or wheels.

If you don’t have a bin to put your rubbish in we will not collect it.

The council has a legal requirement under section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act (EPA) 1990 to collect household waste. Section 46 says that the local authority can define the kind of bin to be used and require the occupier to pay for it.

However, residents may prefer to dispose of their rubbish themselves. Residents could take their rubbish to one of the Household Waste Recycling Centres, rather than pay for a replacement bin.

Residents can also provide their own wheelie bin, providing it meets the EN840 standard and matches council bin colours (brown for household waste, green for garden waste).


The payment you have made covers the administration and delivery costs of the bin; it is not payment for the actual bin. As such the bin remains the property of St Helens Council and in an effort to minimise costs, the council cleans and reissues bins that are useable.


This waste will not be collected by the refuse crew and you will have to make your own arrangements for the disposal of your waste.

Refuse, especially food waste, placed out in sacks is much more likely to attract rats and dumping of rubbish, which will affect your neighbours as well as you.

Dumping rubbish is an offence and you may be issued with an enforcement notice, which could lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution if not complied with.