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Your views are important to us - this is your Local Offer and it has to work well for you!

We regularly work with parents & carers at their forums, and with our young people to gather their views, review any feedback and use it to improve the web site.

We want to keep improving your SEND local offer  and so if you would like to give us feedback you can contact us using our simple online form!


Here's what we have done so far!

You said…

We have…

We will…

…that the content heading ‘Help for families’ implies that families are in crisis.

…changed the heading to ‘Information for families’


…the Local Offer can be hard to navigate.

…designed a new structure that follows the journey of the child.

…introduce the new structure and continue to review with parents and carers and children and young people as to whether the site is easy to navigate.

…that the list of SENCos is not up to date.


…complete session with Governors of schools as well as SENCos to ensure that they keep their information accurate and up to date.

…there was a spelling correction under the 3rd paragraph of finance and benefits.

…corrected the mistake.


…that Mill Green was still under Newton on the Local Offer site, despite being relocated to Parr.

…now placed Mill Green under Parr.


…that there is no information telling you how to apply for special provision.


…ensure that this information regarding how to apply and eligibility criteria is detailed on the Local Offer

...that the information around carers allowance was not up to date.

…updated this information and stated how to apply.


…that there were broken links on our Local Offer site


…use specialist software to check all of our external links and ensure they work.

…the site needs to have bigger text for people who are visually impaired.

…an AT bar at the bottom of the page which allows people to change settings in order to make the site accessible.

…create a new accessibility page which explains this more clearly and also train key members of staff to adjust page settings for those with SEND.

…that you didn’t understand the terminology ‘Post-16’.

…changed this to ‘Young Adults 16-25’

…look at creating two more sub-sections 16-18 and 19-25 and ensure we check that all relevant links work.

…that there was no mention of specialist colleges such as Mill Green.

…created a panel for local specialist colleges.


…that you would like the website to be more colourful, and that the grey is hard to read.

…branding and logos which were designed by our children and young people.

…have a new design for our website soon which will be much more colourful.

…that we should have a translation service for people whose first language is not English.

…started to work with The Big Word so our community can request for things to be translated.

……create a new accessibility page which will have Google Translate and also train key members of staff to adjust page settings for those whose first language is not English.

…that the key word search could be better.


…improve the way we write our content so the search facility is more effective.

…the website needs to have links for charity events.


…create a section that displays all the charitable work that is carried out by the parents and carers, and children and young people in St. Helens.

…the language should be less formal.


…ensure that content is written more clearly and use specialist software to check this.

…have a section where people could write about their experience.


…create a closed Facebook group where people can share tips, ideas and their experiences.

…be a children and young person’s section.


…structure the site by life stage and include a section specifically around Voice of the Child.

…the website needs to have more information of different disabilities.


…work with lots of different agencies to get comprehensive and detailed information on all aspects of SEND.

…there should be information on how to calm people down when they are angry.

…started to make links with people from the Behaviour Improvement Team and to try and address these issues.

…create fact sheets with practical strategies around a variety of topics.

…you don’t know what the Local Offer is designed for

…started to design a new marketing campaign. We have also started to meet with lots of different agencies to get the word out and promote the Local Offer even more!

…train key members of staff who work with people in the community in accessing the Local Offer.

…that the Local Offer should explain what it is like to go to high school.


…ensure there are detailed transition pages for each life stage, which address this topic.

…there should be names of people who work within St. Helens and how to contact them.

…designed a sheet for all agencies which will collect relevant information which we can put on the site.

…work with agencies to ensure this information is kept up to date.

…there should be links for young people if they need help.

…started to collate different external website that address a variety of topics and issues, that the Local Offer can signpost too.

…ensure these are available in each section of the site.

…there should be links to popular social media sites like Facebook


…create a closed Facebook group where people can share tips, ideas and their experiences.

…have an email linked to the site so people can ask specific questions and receive a response.


…create a dedicated email inbox which will answer questions relating to the Local Offer.