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Children and young people

Consultation took place with some of our young people in November 2014, and this yielded many ideas to incorporate not only into the Local Offer, but into the YAZ (Youth Action Zone) website as well.

In January 2016, an invitation went out to all schools across the borough to participate in a competion to design a logo and branding for the Local Offer.

With over 100 responses, across brand and age groups, we had a hard task in selecting our winners!

We have now brought the winning designs to reality, and they can be seen throughout our web site.

In St Helens we want all our children and young people to feel listened to.

You have the right to be involved in decisions that are being made about you and your life.

What we do in St Helens to make sure that you are heard:

  • We will be friendly
  • We will respect you
  • We will listen to you in a way that meets your needs
  • We will help you to get involved
  • We will give you the chance to ask questions
  • We will let you know what will happen next
  • We will help you to make a complaint if you are unhappy
  • We will ask you what you think of the help we give you
  • We will make sure the people working with you have the right skills

As well as these things we do for you as a child or a young people, we also listen through:

  • The St Helens Youth Council
  • The St Helens Young Advisers
  • The adults who work with you
  • Complaints – When children or young people have been unhappy about what has happened
  • The re-design of this website
  • Feedback on EHC Plans

So what you think, feel, say or sign is heard by people who help you and by the managers, the big bosses that run the services. You really do make a difference.

Here is what we have heard from SEND children and young people, these may be individuals or groups:

“We like using art and games to get our point across.”

“Teachers should share the good practice.”

“There is great emotional support overcoming my anger.”

“Lessons that involve your senses are good.”

“We like to have specific rooms that young people can use when we feel overwhelmed.”

Do you have anything to tell or ask us? Get in touch.