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Visual Impairment

Who are we?

The Visual Impairment Service consists of specially trained teachers of visual impairment and support staff. We work with families, early years settings and schools to support children with a visual impairment aged 0-19.

What do we do?

We can offer:

  • Advice and support to young people with a visual impairment (VI), their parents and teachers
  • Functional Vision Assessments (FVA) within educational or home environments
  • Direct support in accessing the curriculum
  • A weekly adaptation service to provide books, worksheets etc in accessible formats
  • INSET for schools, nurseries etc about specific eye conditions, general VI awareness, classroom management, 'Patching' regimes etc
  • Environmental Audits of your premises to suggest how you could become more vision-friendly
  • Written reports in support of external examination special requirements

How can we help?

We will visit your child at home or in school to assess their individual visual needs.

We make sure that your child’s work is adapted to allow them access to the curriculum and we can recommend resources they might need to succeed in school, including training in the use of relevant technology.

We will give your child individual support if required and work closely with school staff and parents to make sure your child’s visual and related emotional needs are met.

If necessary, we will teach your child Braille and ensure that any special arrangements required for external exams are in place.

Our Mobility Officer can provide training in safe travel and life skills both in school and the local environment.

Brian McManus / Carole Hughes
Teachers of the Visually Impaired
Children's Disability Service
Newton Children's Centre
Patterson Street
St Helens      
WA12 9PZ

Telephone - 01744 673135

E-mail: childrensdisabilityservice@sthelens.gov.uk